OPTIMA Batteries (1200): Digital 1200 12-Volt Performance Charger and Battery Maintainer

The Digital 1200 performance charger and battery maintainer from OPTIMA Batteries enhances the performance of 12-volt AGM and flooded OPTIMA batteries. It also recovers deeply discharged batteries and helps extend battery life. The 1200 charger and maintainer features a bright and easy-to-read backlit LCD gauge that displays charging status, fill rate, mode settings, and fault messages. Includes a USB charging port to keep other compatible devices topped off.


  • Enhances the performance of OPTIMA and other AGM batteries
  • 12 amp max
  • Charges, conditions, and maintains 12 V AGM and flooded batteries
  • Recovers deeply discharged batteries and extends battery life
  • USB charging port
  • Polypropylene housing with easy-carry handle
OPTIMA Batteries Digital 1200 12V Performance Charger and Battery Maintainer

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