Painless Performance (70920): PowerBraid Chassis Harness Kit

With a continuous temperature rating of between -94° and 257° F and a melting point of 482° F, the PowerBraid from Painless Performance is engineered to enhance and protect the insulation of any electrical wire bundles or cables. In addition, it cleans up cluttered and unsightly engine bays.

Made from tough-woven, flexible, and semi-rigid material, PowerBraid provides excellent drainage and maintains superior abrasion resistance. The split loom design has a minimum overlap of 25 percent, allowing for easy installation and optimal wiring protection. The 70920 kit includes multiple PowerBraids in various lengths and widths, plus heat shrinks, tie wraps, and rolls of electrical and stretch/seal tape.

  • Flexible, tough, semi-rigid protection for electrical wire bundles/cables.
  • Continuous temperature rating of -94° to 257° F.
  • Melting point: 482° F.
  • Split loom design with 25% overlap.
  • Includes various PowerBraids, heat shrinks, tie wraps, and tape.
  • Keeps engine compartment looking sharp.
Painless Performance (70920): PowerBraid Chassis Harness Kit
Painless Performance (70920): PowerBraid Chassis Harness Kit

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