PROFORM (66988): Double-End AN Wrench Set

The new four-piece, double-end AN wrench set from PROFORM is a terrific way to add versatility to your toolbox. Each wrench boasts 30- and 60-degree heads to grip hose ends from a wider array of positions and into some of the tightest spaces thanks to its streamlined handle edges. These wrenches offer a firm grip, CNC-machined fitting numbers, and a brilliant color-coded finish (blue -6AN, gold -8AN, red -10 AN, and black -12AN). Store and transport easily via included nylon carry case.


  • Quality billet aluminum protects AN fittings.
  • 30- and 60-degree heads on every wrench.
  • Superior grip and comfort.
  • AN number micro-CNCd into every handle.
  • Sturdy nylon zippered case included.

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PROFORM Double-End AN Wrench Set 66988

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