PROFORM (69595): Digital Variable-Speed Fan Controller

Maintaining a consistent engine temperature is a more efficient way to keep your engine cool. Many other fan controllers turn the fan on when the engine is getting too hot, then turn it off after expending a lot of energy cooling it. The hard turn-on leads to amperage spikes, and the max speed usage can be noisy. These problems will be reduced substantially with PROFORM’s new variable speed controller.

This variable speed fan controller makes the fan or fans run at whatever speed is needed to maintain a consistent temperature. The controller receives a temperature signal from the radiator through either a push-in, or thread-in brass probe (both included). The fan controller processes this signal and runs the fan(s) at the correct speed needed to maintain the desired temperature. The weather-resistant billet aluminum housing with a bright digital display ensures easy temperature setting by simply pushing + or – buttons. By simply pressing the MODE button, the digital display will show temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. As a bonus, the display screen shows live amp use so you know how many amps your fan configuration is chewing up.


  • Variable speed fan controller
  • Digital display for easy setting
  • Single- or dual-fan compatible
  • Displays degrees F or C & live amp-usage
  • Short-circuit overload protection (E-fuse, 1-Click Reset)
  • Manual Override On/Off wire
  • Air Conditioning On/Off wire
  • Warning-light wire for optional light
  • 60-amp system maximum
  • Billet aluminum housing
  • Includes thread-in & push-in probes

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