PROFORM: Slim-Fit Radiators

Tight spaces are no longer the enemy. After three years of focused development, PROFORM has unveiled the industry’s first all-in-one integrated radiator system, which boasts a total thickness of only 4”—making it up to 40% thinner than similar aftermarket products.

With an integrated four-corner design, these slim-fit radiators are defined by sleek angles, eye-catching perforations, and an exclusive slant-edge cap, meaning they do not sacrifice under-hood style in the pursuit of cooling performance.

Slim-fit PROFORM radiators are available for direct-fit applications, LS conversion systems, and in universal styles.


  • Up to 40% space savings vs. similar aftermarket products
  • Recommended for engines up to 600 hp
  • Tig-welded aluminum with a clean, natural finish
  • Lighter and more efficient than conventional OE radiator combinations
  • Single-pass flow design
  • Fabricated aluminum tanks compatible with all coolants.
  • Reinforced core with hybrid tube architecture
  • OE inlet/outlet size/locations for easy installation
  • Five-plate coolers (automatic trans. applications only)
  • Direct-fit, conversion, and universal models available
PROFORM Slim Fit Radiator System

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