Holley Dominator Fuel Pump

Pump Your Ride: New HP and Dominator Fuel Pumps from Holley

Holley recently announced additions to its HP and Dominator Fuel Pump lines, both designed with improved hot–fuel handling capabilities to diminish the effects of heated fuel now common with many modern pump gas blends.

Holley HP Fuel Pump
Holley HP Fuel Pump

Compatible with pump or race gas, Holley’s new HP and Dominator Fuel Pumps are engineered to work with your carbureted or fuel-injected street vehicle or race car. They feature OEM gerotor technology to achieve quiet, lightweight results as well as dependable operation at more than 100,000 miles.

Both Holley pumps can be wired for full-time duty for maximum value, and are 18.5-volt compatible at pressures up to 80 PSI.

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