ARP (151-4301): ARP2000 Head Stud Kit for Ford EcoBoost 2.3L

With an optimized design, enhanced reliability, and reliable strength, the ARP2000 head studs available in ARP’s 151-4301 kit are the best you can get for your Ford EcoBoost 2.3L four-cylinder engine. The kit includes a set of 10 studs, parallel ground washers, 8740 chromoly 12-point nuts, and a 0.5 oz. pack of ARP Ultra-Torque fastener assembly lubricant.

The studs get their durability by being centerless ground and heat treated before thread rolling and machining. They are nominally rated at 220K PSI tensile strength and are reusable.


  • For Ford EcoBoost 2.3L engines.
  • Nominally rated at 220,000 PSI tensile strength.
  • Centerless ground and heat treated prior to threading.
  • Includes 10 ARP2000 head studs, parallel ground washers, and 8740 chomoly 12-point nuts.
  • Bonus 1/2 oz. pack of ARP Ultra-Torque fastener assembly lubricant.

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