AutoMeter (EP-800): E-Power 800 Power Pack

The all-new E-Power 800 Power Pack from AutoMeter is the ultimate jumper kit, packing a jump starter, power bank battery, LED flashlight, safety jumper cables, USB Type-C charging cable, instructions, and convenient carry case. This EP-800 AutoMeter system can jump start a passenger car up to 20 times per charge—saving customers money, time, and inconvenience—while the dual auxiliary power ports keep thirsty electronic devices topped off during camping, travel, or any other time you need a digital pick-me-up. The integrated flashlight includes torch, SOS, and strobe functions for versatile illumination.


  • Jump start a standard passenger car up to 20 times per charge
  • Save money and time with no additional vehicle, tow truck, or jumper cables needed
  • Two charging ports power up your USB devices (USB Type-C charging cable included).
  • Safety jumper cables protect against reverse polarity, short circuit, reverse charging, low voltage, and overheating.
  • LED flashlight with torch mode, SOS, and strobe
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, with included carry case
  • Provides peace of mind when you are away from typical sources of electricity
AutoMeter E-Power 800 Power Pack EP-800

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