RaceQuip: SFI-Rated Mesh Net with Strap Mounts

Boasting an SFI 27.1 rating and a jig-built construction that ensures consistent size, shape, and fit, RaceQuip hybrid window nets are made from a combination of heavy-duty mesh and 1” polypropylene ribbon webbing with durable nylon thread. The extra-long adjustable bottom straps let you mount the net directly to a door bar without need for a window-net mount kit.

Available in one color (black) and three sizes: 15” x 18” (PN 822001), 18” x 18” (PN 822003), and 18” x 24” (PN 822005).


  • SFI 27.1 rating (tags affixed)
  • Premium polypropylene webbing and mesh
  • Extra-long bottom straps mount to roll cage.
  • Jig-built technique for consistent size, shape, and fit
  • Available in black
  • Available in three sizes: 15” x 18”, 18” x 18”, 18” x 24”
RaceQuip SFI Mesh Net with Strap Mounts

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