CarTech’s How to Make Your Muscle Car Handle

For many classic muscle car owners, ramping up the power was never the problem. Poor handling and comfort, however . . . well, that’s just something you had to live with.

Not anymore.

Muscle Car Handling
Muscle Car Handling

Scheduled to land in May 2015, How to Make Your Muscle Car Handle shows you how to pair power and ride quality in a way that will transform your ride into a true driving demon. Suspension expert Mark Savitske tackled the task of revising CarTech’s original book, drawing on more than 30 years’ experience with hot rods and race cars.

Savitske puts the essentials of front and rear suspension geometry in plain language so that you can get the most from your particular system. You’ll receive expert instruction on ride height, shock dampening, and spring rates; learn how to balance sway bars and tubular suspension arms in a way that maximizes adjustability and performance; and become an expert on choosing and installing the most responsive suspension package possible.

If you’d like to unlock the handling and performance potential of your muscle car, look no further than How to Make Your Muscle Car Handle.

The folks over at CarTech do a fantastic job of producing thorough, readable, and knowledgeable how-to guides that span the spectrum of aesthetic and performance automotive modification. Head on over to your local Parts Pro retailer in May to pick up How to Make Your Muscle Car Handle, or find a local affiliated store using our dealer locator.

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Size:                 8.5” x 11”
Type:               Softcover
Pages:             144
Photos:           325 color photos and charts

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