Cometic Gasket (PRO1007T): StreetPro Top-End Gasket Kit for GM Gen III LS Small Block V8

StreetPro gasket kits from Cometic Gasket cater to budget-minded street-rodders who want all required gaskets and seals for their rebuild. Quality gasket materials are a priority in StreetPro kits, which include the following materials: MLS, AFM, Aramid Fiber, and Armor Clad. StreetPro kits are sold as both top- and bottom-end kits. Purchase one of each for a total engine rebuild. PRO1007T is a top-end kit.


  • Top-end kit for GM Gen III LS small block V8.
  • Budget-minded gasket/seal rebuild solution.
  • MLS, AFM, Aramid Fiber, and Armor Clad materials.

Cometic Gasket StreetPro Gasket Kit for GM Gen III LS V8 PRO1007T

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