Demon Carburetion: Aluminum Mighty Demon Carburetors

Demon Carburetion’s next generation of Demon carburetor has arrived: the all-new Aluminum Mighty Demon is available in a full range of sizes and options for your street/strip car. These carburetors feature billet-aluminum metering blocks and baseplates and large-capacity fuel bowls with dual sight glasses, dual threaded inlets on each side, and internal baffling to prevent fuel slosh on the track. The aluminum Mighty Demon delivers more power and performance for high-horsepower street and race engines.


  • All-aluminum polished construction with billet metering blocks and baseplate.
  • 40% lighter than the original Demon!
  • Redesigned fuel bowl and main body for a sleeker, more stylish appearance.
  • Completely reimagined for better drivability and full-throttle performance.
  • New throttle lever with integrated Ford A/T, 700-R4, and Chrysler kick down options.
  • Fuel bowls now have dual threaded inlets on each side, dual sight glass windows, and internal baffling for improved fuel slosh control.
  • Secondary fuel bowls include notched floats and jet extensions to prevent fuel starvation during hard launches.
  • Changeable idle, high-speed air bleeds, and power valve restrictions for precision tuning.
Demon Carburetion: Aluminum Mighty Demon Carburetors
Demon Carburetion: Aluminum Mighty Demon Carburetors

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