Earl’s Performance Plumbing: New Electric Fuel Pumps and Regulators

Earl’s Performance Plumbing has expanded its line of electric fuel pumps and fuel pressure regulators, all using the same Holley components, design, and manufacturing processes you’ve come to trust. These new products are available in low- or high-pressure versions designed for use with a carburetor and gasoline.

Three new part numbers are available: 12803ERL (Fuel Pressure Regulator—Carburetor Style), 128011ERL (Low-Pressure 97 GPH Electric Fuel Pump), and 128151ERL (High-Pressure 140 GPH Electric Fuel Pump). The low-pressure pump does not require a fuel pressure regulator in most applications (unlike the high-pressure pump).


  • Die-cast construction, with 3/8” NPT Inlet and Outlet ports.
  • Low-amperage pumps: only 4 amps.
  • Quality and reliable Holley components and engineering.
  • Pair with Earl’s vapor guard hose and ends (sold separately) to eliminate fuel-permeation issues.

Earl's Fuel Pumps and Regulators 12803ERL

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