FiTech (30001): Go EFI 4 Self-Tuning Fuel Injection System

Suitable for engines from 250 to 600 horsepower, the 30001 Go EFI 4 self-tuning fuel injection system from FiTech is perfect for a variety of vehicles, from bracket racers and weekend street machines to everyday drivers.

The Go EFI 4 fits any 4-bbl intake manifold and is the most self-contained and full-featured unit of this type. For example, it boasts wet flow annual discharge; timing control; and the fastest, most accurate self-learning on the market. In addition, FiTech mounted the ECU on the throttle body to greatly facilitate installation: no unsightly harness draped across your engine or hole in your firewall. Plus, it’s the only computer-mounted throttle body that offers spark control without the need for a special distributor or external spark box. Finally, the touch-screen handheld controller ensures a quick and easy setup*.

Timing Notes: Will work with CDI box (but not required to control timing). Use of ignition timing control is optional and not required. Ignition timing control does not learn; requires synchronizing distributor to engine with a timing light.

*Self-tuning technology: after startup, the ECU takes over to produce an optimal tune!


  • 4 Hi-Flow 600 HP injectors.
  • Simple touch screen selections get you up and running in minutes.
  • Basic install can be done with just 4 wires and 2 sensors.
  • Uses a Bosch 4.2 wideband O2 sensor (all other sensors are easily replaceable GM-style parts).
  • The ECU is mounted on the throttle body.
  • Throttle bodies have a completely universal base to fit any 4-bbl manifold.
  • Throttle linkage suits most transmissions.
  • Choice of three fuel inlet connections.
  • Voltage control fuel pump control reduces the voltage to the pump under low load conditions.
  • Wet flow technology and Swirl Spray annular discharge ensure complete atomization.
  • Ignition timing and air/fuel ratio can be adjusted on the fly from your touch screen controller.
  • 1 adjustable fan control switch.
  • Built-in fuel pressure regulator (no extra regulator to mount on your firewall).

FiTech Go EFI 4 30001

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