Flaming River (FR40200KT): Microsteer Electric Power Steering Kit with Speed Sensor

The Flaming River Microsteer universal electric power-assisted steering system can easily be fitted to any vehicle, without needing to change your steering rack or fitting a hydraulic system. Using the mode-selection switch found on the unique Microsteer Tuning Box, you can adjust the amount of assistance manually (by using a rotary potentiometer) or using wheel speed (by connecting a wheel speed signal). The FR40200KT Flaming River kit includes a speed sensor for this purpose.

Kit also includes a motor/gearbox, ECU, and wiring harness.


  • Universal fitment
  • Doesn’t require changing your steering rack or installing a hydraulic system
  • Adjust steering assist manually or via speed sensor
  • FR40200S speed sensor included
Flaming River FR40200KT Microsteer Electric Power Steering Kit with Speed Sensor

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