PROFORM: 1-2-3 Series Radiator Systems and Components

1-2-3 Series radiator systems from PROFORM are completely assembled radiator/shroud/fan combinations with billet caps and adjustable thermostats. No more hunting for piecemeal parts to achieve your dream cooling system! Fabricated to the highest standards, they are ready to go out of the box, with great looks and value-packed pricing. If you don’t need an entire system, you can buy any product in the 1-2-3 Series line separately: radiators, shrouds, and fans. 1-2-3 Series radiators don’t require any DIY to install, either; because they use the same patented 4-Corner Design as PROFORM’s Slim-Fit systems, everything fits the way it should.


  • Radiator, shroud, fan, and thermostat assembled right out of the box
  • Components also available by the item
  • Patented 4-Corner Design
  • All-aluminum construction (TIG welded and leak tested)
  • Dual-tube, single-pass radiators
  • Optimized louver design maximizes cooling.
  • Deep draw headers for extra-solid tube/header seal
  • Billet-aluminum cap and filler neck with high-capacity overflow tube
PROFORM 1-2-3 Series Radiator Systems and Components

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