K&N (57-1570): Air Intake System for ’14-’15 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0L V6 EcoDiesel

The 3.0L V6 turbo engine in 2014–2015 Jeep Grand Cherokees provides a modest amount of power but is paired with a stock air intake system that may cause unnecessary air turbulence and slow the volume of airflow reaching the engine.

K&N has your answer. The 57-1570 air intake system is engineered to replace the factory air filter and air intake housing. Its free-flowing, roto-molded, high-density polyethylene tube is meticulously designed to be aerodynamic—and when paired with the included oversized conical air filter can increase airflow to your engine by up to 50% (the filter is washable and reusable to boot). You’ll enjoy up to 100,000 miles between cleanings under normal highway driving conditions.

K&N’s 57-1570 system also offers a black powder-coated aluminum heat shield, protecting the air filter and intake air from hot engine bays. The air intake tube funnels airflow directly into the engine’s throttle body for a guaranteed increase in horsepower and torque; in fact, dyno testing of a 2014 Grand Cherokee saw an increase of 12.67 horsepower and 30.94 ft.-lb. of torque.


  • Guaranteed to increase horsepower.
  • Designed to improve throttle response and engine sound.
  • Lasts up to 100,000 miles before service is required (depending on driving conditions).
  • Replaces entire factory air intake system.
  • Free-flowing, high-density polyethylene tube.
  • Washable and reusable lifetime air filter.
  • Installation: < 90 minutes.
  • Warranty: K&N Million Mile Limited.

K&N Air Intake System for 14-15 Jeep Grand Cherokee 57-1570

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