PowerTrax (600117): Grip Pro Traction System

The PowerTrax Grip Pro represents the latest in traction-adding differential technology, combining the smooth operation of a limited-slip differential with the strength of a fully machined, forged-steel case. The Grip Pro delivers progressive and variable traction thanks to its 3×2 spiral gear technology, and puts you in control of how much traction is applied (based on throttle input).

PowerTrax sells the Grip Pro fully assembled. Additionally, its lack of friction plates means that no friction modifier additive/modifier is necessary (and should not be used at all—just use an 80W-90 petroleum-based gear oil with a GL-5 or higher rating).


  • Fully assembled.
  • Delivers progressive and variable traction.
  • Lets you control how much traction is applied.
  • 3×2 spiral gear technology.
  • Fully machined, forged-steel case.
PowerTrax Grip Pro Limited Slip Differential

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