PROFORM (66445.1F): Ford 10si-Style One-Wire Alternator

To keep the power flowing through your Ford 260-460 V8 in low-idle situations, grab a new 10si-style alternator from PROFORM. Meeting the increased power demand from today’s electric fuel pumps, A/C, power windows, and even underbodies, PROFORM’s 66445.1F 100-amp alternator is a much-needed upgrade over stock 1G or 2G model alternators. This fan-style alternator features a one-wire hook-up, internal regulator, machined pulley, and show-quality lustrous chrome finish. As with all PROFORM alternators, it is made with all-new components on specialized machines and assembled by trained personnel using dedicated jigs and equipment. Sold individually.


  • For Ford 260-460 V8 engines.
  • 10-amp, GM 10si-style model.
  • 100% new internal and external components.
  • 1-wire hookup with internal regulator.
  • Chrome finish and machined pulley.
  • Sold individually.
PROFORM Ford 10si Style One-Wire Alternator 66445.1F

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