Flex-A-Lite (315360): Direct-Fit Extruded-Tube Core Radiator/Fan System for 6.0L Power Stroke Turbodiesel

Thanks to Flex-A-Lite, better cooling is in sight for owners of 2003–2007 Ford F-250/F-350 Super Duty pickups with 6.0L Power Stroke Turbodiesel engines. The 315360 system, which comes with dual electric fans, replaces the factory belt-driven clutch fan and shroud to deliver more engine power to the wheels and better fuel economy. It also allows for faster engine warm-up and improves A/C performance at idle and slow speeds.

The future of performance aluminum radiators includes a variable-speed, adjustable thermostatic controller, moves 6,000 cfm of airflow, and provides better heat transfer—all thanks to the extruded-tube design, which replaces outdated single-, two-, three-, and four-core configurations. The Flex-A-Lite 315360 radiator/fan combo achieves this performance along with more durability (100 psi burst rating) and less weight.

Applications (including LS swap) available for muscle cars, pickups, and Jeep. Also available without a fan (315300).


  • Increased contact between coolant and aluminum tubes—and tubes and fins—for better heat rejection and cooling.
  • Redesigned cooling fins also contribute to improved heat rejection and cooling—wind tunnel tested!
  • 100 psi burst rating.
  • Corner subhead reinforces the cooling tube–to–header connection, an area prone to cracking and leaking in other brands of aluminum radiators.
  • Available with (315360) and without (315300) dual electric fans.
  • Warranty: 2-year transferrable.

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Flex-A-Lite Direct Fit Extruded Core Radiator Fan System for Ford Super Duty Turbodiesel 315360

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