RaceQuip: 5-Point Latch and Link SFI 16.1 Harness Sets

Distinguished by a pivoting duckbill “hammer,” these RaceQuip latch-and-link harnesses feature cadmium-plated, drop-forged steel hardware (no bolts) for the perfect combination of strength and weight. They also include 3” premium polyester webbing, twin individual shoulder belts, pull down–style lap belt, and single 2” crotch sub strap. All components exceed SFI 16.1 standards (tags affixed).

Using the included three-bar slide, the double-adjustable belts can be mounted by wrapping them around a rollbar or bolting them into place (snap-in ends and eyebolts sold separately). Available in nine colors:

  • Black: 711001
  • Red: 711011
  • Blue: 711021
  • Yellow: 711031
  • Orange: 711041
  • Purple: 711051
  • Platinum: 711061
  • Green: 711071
  • Pink: 711081

Note: NOT DOT/FMVSS certified for on-highway use.


  • Exceed SFI 16.1 rating
  • Shoulders adjust from 20” to 62”
  • Lap belt adjusts from 20” to 60”
  • Premium 3” polyester webbing
  • Twin individual shoulder belts
  • Pull down–style lap belt
  • Five-point design with single 2” crotch sub strap
  • 3” hardware ends installed
  • Double adjustable for ease of installation
  • Wrap-around or bolt-in mounting
  • Drop-forged steel hardware (no bolts)
RaceQuip 5-point Latch and Link Harness Set 711001

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