Belltech: 6”-8” Suspension Lift Variations for ’07-’18 GM 1500 4×4

Get the lift and handling your GM 1500 4×4 has been waiting for with a Belltech suspension lift kit. These direct bolt-on kits offer front-height adjustable Trail Performance struts and rear Trail Performance twin-tube shocks, and install with minimal cutting and no welding required. Your 2007–2018 GM pickup will become more capable without sacrificing quality or factory driving performance.

Belltech has given these suspension lift kits a new front crossmember that relocates the pivot points of the lower control arm and retains the proper LCA angle while maintaining maximum ground clearance. Lift spindles correct ball joint working angles and eliminate bumpsteer, while the ride height–adjustable struts and matching rear shocks ensure the correct bump and droop travel for the new height.

Available Parts

  • 2007–2016 GM 1500 4×4: 150201SPS, 150201SP, 150201BK
  • 2016–2018 GM 1500 4×4: 150203SPS, 150203SP, 150203BK


  • For 2007–2018 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 4×4
  • New front crossmember relocates LCA pivot points to retain proper angle.
  • Lift spindles correct ball joint working angles and camber curve.
  • Outer tie rod mounting location minimizes bumpsteer.
  • Custom-valved, ride height–adjustable, twin-tube Trail Performance struts
  • Rear Trail Performance shocks provide correct bump and droop travel for new height.
  • Two-piece front differential drop provides for proper pinion angle, full CV joint articulation, and drive shaft angularity.
  • Quarter-inch, laser-cut steel skid plate protects the front differential.
  • Direct bolt-on installation (minimal cutting and no welding required)
  • Includes step-by-step instructions
Belltech 7-8 Inch Suspension Lift Variants for 07-18 GM 1500 4x4

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