Flaming River (FR40200): Microsteer Universal Electric Power Steering

Offering universal electric power-assisted steering, the FR40200 Microsteer kit from Flaming River easily fits virtually any vehicle—without the need to change the steering rack or fit a hydraulic system in place of the existing manual system.

The unique Microsteer tuning box lets you adjust steering assistance by using a rotary potentiometer, or you can make the system speed-sensitive by connecting a wheel speed signal to the tuning box, which includes a mode-selection switch for toggling between the two.

Includes motor/gearbox (MGU), electronic control unit (ECU), tuning box, and wiring harness.


  • Universal electric power steering conversion
  • Eliminates the need to change the steering rack or fit a hydraulic system.
  • Two adjustment methods: manual rotary dial and wheel speed signal
  • Hall Effect–type sensor recommended (and sold separately).
  • 11/16”-36 input/output shafts
Flaming River Microsteer Electric Power Steering FR40200

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  1. I have a 1949 Ford F-1 Pickup with a manual mustang ll rack and pinion steering. Can you design a system to work on my truck?

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