Taylor Cable Products (661000): Ready-to-Run Vertex Distributor

With its simple, three-wire connector, this ready-to-run Vertex distributor from Taylor Cable Products is ideal for street or track applications. The 661000 model features an adjustable vacuum that adds 10 degrees of advance, a machine-polished aluminum housing, solid brass terminals, a compact footprint that allows more clearance around the intake manifold, and a high performance circuit board for up to 9,000 RPM.


  • For Chevy BB (396-454) and SB (262-400) engines
  • Potted aluminum housing with premium epoxy encase
  • Primary and secondary winding
  • Protects coil’s internal components
  • Alkyd tower and brass coil terminals
  • No carbon tracking
  • Spacing prevents arcing to ground
  • High performance circuit board for up to 9K RPM
Taylor Cable Products Ready to Run Vertex Distributor 661000

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