PROFORM (67302): 750-cfm Black Race Series Carburetor

Based on PROFORM’s Race Series, the new Black Race Series Carburetor includes a Black Diamond coating to reduce fuel temperature. Hand assembled in the United States using PROFORM’s high-flow carburetor main body, the Black Race carb features durable billet metering blocks, a high-performance billet throttle baseplate, and down-leg boosters dyno proven to generate more horsepower and torque.

The Black Race series of carbs delivers maximum airflow with no air horn, choke tower, or choke control, thanks to a high-rate airflow section design that leverages standard service and tuning components.

  • Solid billet construction.
  • Adjustable, screw-in air bleeds.
  • Adjustable secondary airflow cam bracket.
  • Button torx head throttle plate screws.
  • Power valve blowout protection.
  • Slip link mechanical secondary linkage.
  • Serviceable throttle levers and Ford kickdown.
  • Made in the USA.
PROFORM (67302): 750-cfm Black Race Series Carburetor
PROFORM (67302): 750-cfm Black Race Series Carburetor

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