Cloyes: Variable Valve Timing Chain Kits

Available for Ford 3V 4.6 and 5.4L applications, variable valve timing (VVT) chain kits from Cloyes tested superior to their OE counterparts, exhibiting 20% less frictional drag and 10% more torque at the same oil pressure. Cloyes actuators use tightly toleranced, long-duration rotor vanes that eliminate the wear and drag experienced by comparable OE and other units. These VVT chain kits represent a complete repair solution for higher-mileage engines.


  • Available for 2004–2010 Ford F-150, 2007–2010 F-250, and 2008–2010 F-350; 2005–2014 Ford Expedition; 2010–2014 Lincoln Navigator; and 2006–2010 Mercury Mountaineer.
  • Two parts numbers: 9-0391SBVVT and 9-0387SKVVT.
  • 20% less frictional drag and 10% more torque than OE actuators.
  • Tight-tolerance, long-duration rotor vane tip design.
  • No contact between rotor vane tips and stator for frictionless operation.
Cloyes Variable Valve Timing Chain Kit

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